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for over 20 years

Zesty - naturally brewed soy sauces
Zesty - Asian noodles
Zesty - seaweed (snacks)
Zesty - ready to eat rice

About Zesty

We match the right product to your specification up to recipe and ingredient level.

Zesty is specialised in Asian food and ingredients as a trade partner and producer for over 20 years. We focus on natural and authentic flavours with the best price to quality ratio. This applies to single ingredients as well as tailor made recipes and products within our assortment naturally brewed soy sauces, Asian noodles, rice, seaweed (snacks), stir fry sauces and ready to eat Asian meals.

We immerse ourselves in the markets of our clients and co-produce and improve Asian food products proactively. This allows us to anticipate on trends and movements in the market at an early stage. For example, the demand for salt reduction, sugar reduction, certified organic products/ingredients and clean label.

We speak their language
Doing business in Asia is never the same. Regulations, production standards, efficiency, know-how from raw material to end product, every time en every where it's different. Our multicultural purchase and QA team speaks the language of our Asian partners. Therefore, it has great in-depth knowledge of local challenges. This is unique and plays a big role in the success of your (end) product.

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