Specialist in
Asian food
and ingredients


About Zesty

We match the right product to your specification up to recipe and ingredient level.

Zesty is specialised in sourcing, trading, import, co-production and contract farming of Asian food and ingredients for over 20 years. We offer several ingredients, semi-finished and finshed end products mainly to the food industry. Our assortment consist among other things of several types of naturally brewed soy sauce products and seaweed products.

We focus on matching the right product to client specification. We can even match on ingredient level, so that products can be modified/adapted to almost every clients wishes. Beside matching we immerse ourselves in the market of our clients so that products can be (co-)produced and improved proactively. Therefore we can respond quickly to trends and market movements, like the demand for less salt, certified organic and clean label.

With a strongly dedicated team of different nationalities we work on several location (The Netherlands, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan).
Our goal: supervision on location during the production process, resulting in faster communication and intervention = Best price/quality, each and every time!

Our expertise

Sourcing partner

Direct sourcing at GFSI certified producers.

Co-manufacturing / Contract farming

In Asia active as a co manufacturer by several joint ventures.

Import and trade

Direct import from land of origin and deliverability from stock

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