Soy sauce products

All of our soy sauce products are made through natural fermentation and made from non GMO raw materials.
During this aging and ripening time, aroma’s and complex flavours are being developed. The process to make umami.
We believe in this strong natural process to support and boost flavours in many different end products.

LOW– salt    Gluten-free    Natural- 100%    NON-GMO

Because it involves a natural fermented product, it is not possible to trace if NON-GMO raw materials are being used during production.
Therefore Zesty choose to select all raw materials on IP (Identity Preserved) base. Due to this method we can guarantee the GMO status of the used crops.

Our productrange

Zesty Japanese soy sauce

Japanese soy sauce

Japanese soy sauce (Shoyu) is made of fermented soy beans, wheat, water and salt. Because of the long fermenting time of 6 months this soy sauce has a rich and deep aroma. This product can be used as  salt replacement and provides taste enhancing effects in several savoury products. To enhance extra aroma a cold fermentation process is used, so fermentation on low temperatures. Resulting in a richer taste and aroma compared to Chinese soy sauce. 

Zesty Chinese soy sauce

Chinese soy sauce

Chinese soy sauce is fermented shortly on higher temperatures. This quick fermenting process makes it less aromatic and less deept in taste compared to the Japanese type. There are two basic types; Chinese light and Chinese dark. Chinese light is used for marinades, soup and sauces and Chinese dark is commonly used for stir fry dishes and barbeque marinades. 


Indonesian soy sauce

Indonesian soy sauce is a much thicker than the Japanese and Chinese types.
The common name is kecap. Kecap is originally a mixture of natural fermented soy sauce, palm sugar and caramel.
There are many cheap varieties available based on hydrolyzed soybeans, which makes a fake soy sauce.